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The Burden of Proof a Plaintiff Bears

There is another formidable hurdle that the plaintiff in a flatbed trailer accident case has to surmount, and that is bearing his or her burden of proof. As unfair as this may sound, the law in Texas is under the presumption that a defendant owes nothing to a victim. The injury victim has to bear the burden of proof, which means he or she has to provide the necessary evidence to prove that he or she should receive damages. Should that plaintiff fail to produce that evidence, then he or she will not collect a thing. In every flatbed trailer accident case, the plaintiff needs to prove four elements in order to win a case. These elements are duty, breach, causation, and damages. More about McAllen Truck Accident Lawyers here

The first burden the plaintiff has to prove is that the defendant in the case owed the plaintiff a duty of care. This is typically a pretty straightforward element. Every person owes every other person a duty to act in a manner that a reasonable person would act in order to make sure they do not injure another person. In the event of a flatbed trailer accident, the driver of the flatbed owes all other motorists sharing the road the duty of care to drive as a reasonable person would drive. As we mentioned previously, there could be other parties that owe you a duty of care as well, such as the trucking company that hired the driver, the company that loaded the cargo, the company the planned the route the truck took, etc.

Next, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached that duty of care owed to the plaintiff. The plaintiff has to produce evidence that establishes that the defendant acted in a manner that was unreasonable, and harm was caused as a result. Say the driver of the flatbed trailer involved in your accident ran a red light, and you suffered harm as a result. In this case, the driver’s actions would probably be considered unreasonable.

In order to prove the third element, causation, the plaintiff has to prove that the actions or inaction of a negligent party were the cause of the injury the plaintiff suffered. For example, if your flatbed trailer accident took place because the cargo on the trailer became loose, then you could possibly show duty and breach in that the company that loaded the truck did not properly secure the cargo. However, if that cargo remained in place through the entirety of the accident, then the people who loaded that truck would probably not be to blame for causing your injury, and thus you will not be able to prove causation in this instance.

The final element you must prove is that you are owed a certain monetary amount of damages that will properly compensate you for the injury that you suffered. The damages you can receive depend upon the “price tag,” so to speak, associated with the injury that you incurred. Of course, you will have to produce proof of this as well. You can’t just tell the judge or jury that, since the accident, you have been in constant pain – in order to prove damages, you have to provide medical proof of that pain, and how much your previous and future medical care will cost. Should you not be able to get back to work, then you will have to accurately calculate how much you have lost in wages, and how much you will lose in potential future earnings. And then you have to calculate the non-tangible damages such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and others. Can you put a price tag on emotional trauma? If you want to get the maximum compensation that you have coming to you, you had better figure it out, and that can be incredibly difficult without an experienced legal representative. If you have an inexperienced attorney, or you try to do this yourself, it will be just about impossible. The flatbed trailer accident attorneys with our Law Office are very familiar with how to calculate damages, whether they are objective or subjective. Over our 20 years of litigating these kinds of cases, we have more than likely seen several that are quite similar to yours. Once we hear the specific circumstances surrounding your flatbed trailer accident case, we will be able to accurately ascertain the amount of damages that you are entitled to so you get the just compensation you deserve.

It is imperative that you have a skilled and seasoned attorney by your side, whether or not your case goes to trial. The attorneys with our Law Office are extremely adept at collecting evidence and preparing it in a manner that will satisfy all four elements of your flatbed trailer accident case.

How a Flatbed Trailer Accident Attorney Can Help You

If you have suffered an injury due to a flatbed trailer accident, the attorneys with our Law Office can fight for you and protect your rights. We take care of every single component of your case, from the start to the finish, and keep you completely up to date on how your case is progressing. These are but a few of the services that we provide our clients to help win their case and help them obtain the fair restitution they deserve:

No matter what caused the flatbed trailer accident that led to your injury, whether it was the trucking company’s negligence, the company that planned the route, the company that failed to secure the cargo, or some other reason, please call the flatbed trailer accident attorneys with our Law Office as soon as you can. We will give you a confidential and free consultation; listening to all the specific circumstances surrounding your case, answering any questions you may have, and evaluating the strength of your case.

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