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San Antonio Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and falls would be the second biggest cause of injuries in the United States. They can account for approximately 16,000 deaths every year. Many more slip and falls lead to serious injuries. Usually, these injuries and deaths are the results of a dangerous or hazardous condition in another person’s property. An injury or loss of life from a fall that is caused by a dangerous condition in somebody else’s property may qualify the victim or the victim’s family to compensation.

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So Why Do San Antonio Slip and Fall Accidents Happen? More than 70% of falls occur due to harmful circumstances and hazards in our environment. Dangerous circumstances that result in slip and fall accidents often result from very poor design or wrong upkeep. Other sorts of dangers are created from the presence of slick areas and products, like areas with food spillage or water leaks.

Where Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur?

Slip and fall accidents happen practically in all places – in a grocery store or shopping mall; at school or in the workplace; or on a pavement. Your slip and fall may be brought about by, for example, by way of a defect in flooring, which may be damp or sloping, or it might be because of insufficient lighting that prevents your ability to foresee a threat.

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How Can Slip and Fall Accidents in San Antonio Happen?

Slip and fall accidents have two main types of mechanism. In one slip and fall scenario, your front foot slides forward, making you fall backwards. In the other situation, your rear foot slides backwards, causing you to fall forward. A relevant kind of accident, a trip and fall, occurs when your foot comes into contact with an obstacle, like a protrusion, on your path.

The traumatic impact of a slip and fall and also a trip and fall accident can certainly cause serious and long term injuries. That is why, in the event that you experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall, it really is in your own best interest that you look for medical and legal aid from our firm immediately.

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A Property Owner’s Duty to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

The law demands that property owners use reasonable care in the management and upkeep of their premises and avoid exposing people to the irrational risk of harm, like a slip and fall or a trip and fall. So, property owners have a duty to reasonably check for any unsafe circumstances on their premises and either to repair or provide acceptable warning of circumstances that present a risk of trouble for others.
The victim of a slip and fall must show that the property owner was aware or should have been aware about the threat that created the slip and fall accident, and that he didn’t fix it. In the event the property owner, or any of his staff, created the dangerous condition that caused the slip and fall injury, knowledge of the danger could be instantly imputed to them.

In case the hazard was created by a non-employee, like a customer, the claimant must demonstrate that there had been enough time for the property owner to have known and fixed the harmful condition, or that the hazardous condition occurred with such frequency that the owner ought to have been aware of its presence.

In some cases, a property owner can have a responsibility to post warnings of a danger (for example “wet floor” signs), however these warnings should be visible and effective to be considered as proper.

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Picking the right San Antonio Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall lawsuits will often be challenging and hard to prove. To prevail, a slip and fall attorney should identify not only the existence of a dangerous condition, but the property owner’s actual or constructive knowledge of that situation. One of our seasoned San Antonio trip and fall lawyers would begin an immediate investigation, and:

  •  Do an onsite inspection to determine the dangerous condition that brought about by the slip and fall accident;
  •  Get proof of the harmful condition before it “disappears”;
  •  Track down witnesses to the slip and fall accident or with knowledge of the dangerous condition;
  • Locate evidence of prior complaints about the dangerous condition or of past slip and fall accidents at the same location.

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Our Firm’s resourceful San Antonio slip and fall lawyers will then seek the services of the suitable experts on safety standards to determine the applicability and violation of governmental codes and regulations, and so prove liability on the part of the irresponsible property owner for the slip and fall. For instance, if the slip and fall took place on a faulty stair case, he might get the services of a structural engineer to demonstrate deviation in the height or width of the steps.

In having worked on countless slip and fall claims, as well as trip and fall law suits, Our Firm has produced an expertise in such cases and has secured sizable recoveries for clients hurt in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. We have both significant experience and assets to best take care of your slip and fall or trip and fall law suit. For a no cost consultation on a slip and fall or trip and fall case, please make sure to give us a call or e-mail us.

What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

* Seek Medical Assistance for Your Slip and Fall Injuries. If you experience a slip and fall or a trip and fall, find immediate medical help for your injuries. In the event of major injuries, an ambulance should be summoned for emergency transport to a hospital. All too often, however, severe injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident may not manifest themselves for some days or weeks, making it all the more important that you be examined by a medical provider at once.

* Determine the Danger That Brought about by Your Slip and Fall. Take Photographs. For you to have a realistic slip and fall (or trip and fall) claim, it’s important to find the harmful condition or hazard that brought about by you to slip and fall. Time is of the essence in preserving the evidence at the site of your fall. Therefore, do what is reasonably needed to take photographs. Should you have a camera with you (your cell phone will do), snap photos, or you can ask a friend or anyone at the scene to take one.

* Report the Slip and Fall Accident. If you experienced your slip and fall injury in any sort of commercial establishment, such as a store, a market, or a mall, you must report the slip and fall accident to management right there and then. It is vital to report your slip and fall accident in this way.
Incident reports have valuable details about the accident, like the date and time of the slip and fall, the names of witnesses, and the circumstances of the injury. Most of all, incident reports help confirm that the slip and fall accident really occurred, stopping a property owner from later claiming that the incident never occurred.

* Call our Reputable San Antonio Trip and Fall Attorneys. Time is of the essence after the slip and fall (or a trip and fall) accident, so you must secure your rights by immediately calling a trustworthy slip and fall attorney. A quick investigation is necessary to a successful slip and fall case. In many instances, the danger that caused the slip and fall might be a temporary one (such as a liquid spill in a supermarket) and could be cleaned up immediately, eliminating essential proof for your claim.

A professional slip and fall lawyer from our office will start the correct actions to protect evidence, determine and find witnesses, and assist you in getting the needed medical care. We will also protect against complicated filing due dates, which for a few slip and fall claims may be as short as 6 months if particular government entities are involved. Failure to meet these deadlines may mean that any claim for compensation you might have for the slip and fall injuries is lost permanently.

Who’s Going To Be Accountable for Your Slip and Fall?

Property owners, operators, and managers – whether they are individuals or business entities – could be accountable for your slip and fall. A knowledgeable slip and fall attorney San Antonio can locate owners of any given property by checking the right government records, such as tax rolls.

Some owners and operators who bear accountability for your slip and fall may not be as clear. They could, for example, involve service providers – for instance concessionaires and janitorial companies – on the property in question. They might include franchisors and parent corporations. And they might possibly include government entities. A slip and fall at a public school, for instance, may impose liability on a local governmental body, whereas a slip and fall at a post office would implicate the federal government.

Damages You Could Recover for Suffering a Slip and Fall

Should your slip and fall accident in San Antonio was as a result of negligence by a property owner, operator, or manager, then you might be able to recover payment for:

  •  Suffering and pain;
  • Medical bills for past and future care;
  •  Lost wages; and
  •  Any decrease in your earning capacity.

Although punitive damages are uncommon in slip and fall cases, a skilled slip and fall attorney can recover such damages if the defendant’s conduct amounted to a reckless disregard for safety – that is, if a property owner or manager egregiously overlooked a known safety danger, thus causing the slip and fall.

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