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Spine Injuries After a Car Wreck

Spine injuries are often very serious injuries that require extensive and multiple surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and significant recovery times. There are three major types of car accident spinal injuries affecting the bony vertebra, the nerves of the spinal cord, as well as muscles and ligaments connecting to the spine, including:car accident attorneys

Neck injury (known as cervical spine injury), a common result of whiplash
Mid-back injury (known as thoracic injury)
Lower-back injury (known as lumbar injury)

All types of spine injuries after a car wreck may be noticed immediately following the accident or may take up to several weeks or months to fully develop. Common symptoms of car wreck spine injury include abnormal aches and pains, stiffness in the affected area, shooting pain or tingling in the arms and legs, difficulty or inability to move legs, arms, fingers or toes, difficulty or inability to walk, shuffle or move the body, and partial or full paralysis.

If you or a loved one believes you exhibit symptoms of a spine or neck injury after a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. These injuries must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to avoid long-term and permanent disability. Oftentimes, long-term and permanent disability means you or your loved one will not return to work and must have around-the-clock care. Contact our Law Office to speak with our spinal injury attorneys to get more information on your legal rights to compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, and lost earning capacity. Call us to discuss your personal situation free of charge with our experienced and knowledgeable auto accident injury lawyers.

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Soft Tissue Injuries After a Car Wreck

Soft tissue injuries are deep bruising and swelling to muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout the body. These injuries often occur when part of the body hits an object with enough force to harm the underlying tissues. Soft tissue injuries are usually not immediately obvious after a car wreck and may take weeks or months to fully appear. If bruising and swelling are extensive, you may lose function in the affected part of the body for a least a short period of time, though there is a significant risk of additional complications depending on your health history.

If you or a loved one experiences soft tissue injuries or extensive bruising after a car wreck, seek immediate medical attention. Often, soft tissue injuries are indicative of more serious injuries that may be moderate to severe. Because these injuries are often accompanied by medical bills, lost income, and potentially lost capacity, even in the short term, our Law Office can help you obtain compensation from a car insurance company after a car accident. Call us and speak with our car wreck injury lawyers and discuss your personal situation – and how to ensure your legal rights are protected and you and your loved ones obtain all you are entitled to.

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