Car Accident Myths

Myth number one is that the seat belt is really only about the law. No, the seat belt is about your life and body. Sixty percent of vehicular injuries and deaths could have been prevented by simply buckling up!
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Car accident myth number two is it is not going to happen to me! The truth is if you travel by car to get from place to place, you will most likely be involved in at least one serious car accident during your lifetime. The question is not if it is when! More here @ car accident lawyer Victoria

Car accident myth number three is that if there is an injury I will know it immediately. The body possesses a mechanism that allows us to function even in the presence of injury. Additionally, many injuries do not have any symptoms until after the passage of time. If you have been in an auto accident you owe it to yourself and your family to get immediate medical attention.

Car accident myth number four is that my own insurance company will represent me! Insurance companies are in business to make a profit and your car accident does not represent a profit! They may have to pay to get your car fixed, but they will want to see you get the cheapest parts possible. You may have medical insurance on your auto insurance policy, but your company is going to want to limit the medical care you receive. What should you do? Get a car accident lawyer!

You can guess what Car accident myth number five is in my mind! I do not need a personal injury lawyer! Well, the insurance adjuster is a trained professional whose only job is to pay you as little as possible. He is trained, hard-nosed, and has the checkbook! You must have an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner fighting for your right to the monetary settlement you deserve. If you want a
fair settlement to get a lawyer! auto accident lawyers

Car accident myth number six is that every lawyer is a personal injury lawyer! Personal Injury Law is a unique area of the law that requires special skills and experience. If you break a bone you don’t go to any doctor you go to an orthopedic surgeon. Make certain you see an attorney who has dedicated his practice to representing injured victims like you!

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