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Do You Need a Lawyer?

There are some instances where you might not need a lawyer to help you get compensated for the actions of another that caused an automobile accident. Whether or not you need an attorney depends on the circumstances surrounding the facts of the case. If the accident caused only property damage, then it’s probable you won’t need to get a lawyer involved. However, if you were hurt as the result of the accident, then you need a lawyer – no exceptions. The hiring of legal representation is always recommended in the event of a car accident that causes an injury. car/truck accident attorneysMore about Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio

Again, if all that resulted from the wreck was damage to your property, you probably don’t need an attorney. Insurance providers must follow strict regulations concerning reimbursement for property damage, so it’s unlikely that the provider will be able to cheat you in this instance. All you need to do is exchange insurance and contact information with the driver who caused the property damage, then take your car to a mechanic. That mechanic will bill your insurance company for any work done to your car, and then your insurer will send that bill to the other driver’s insurance provider for reimbursement. Even if the two insurers do not agree on a fair price for the work done to your car, you probably won’t need to get involved unless that disputed bill exceeds $5,000. Should that turn out to be the case, then you should strongly consider calling a lawyer.

Of course, it’s a different situation entirely if you have experienced any kind of injury due to an automobile accident. If this is the case, you need to immediately call an auto injury attorney. Insurance companies do not have the strict set of guidelines concerning an injury accident that they do in dealing with accidents that lead only to property damage. An insurer can much more easily offer an inadequate settlement in the case of an accident that results in injury than it can in one involving only property damage. What’s worse, legal damages that occur as the result of an accident, such as damages for injuries (and this is especially true for soft tissue injuries) can be very difficult to prove. This is an instance where having the right lawyer can make all the difference between getting just restitution and getting nothing at all.

Insurance adjusters often attempt to goad injury victims into agreeing to an inadequate settlement offer. They may attempt to do so even before the seriousness of your injuries has been ascertained by a doctor, or you have had the chance to consult with a lawyer. The settlement offers these insurers make can be laughably unfair, and you should be aware of some of the tricks insurance companies try to play in their efforts to try and get you to accept. Some of these tricks include:

Repeatedly calling your home in an effort to get you to admit that either you aren’t really injured, or the accident was your fault.
Not giving you a rental car to use while your vehicle is undergoing repair in the shop.
Ensuring you that they will take care of all your accident-related expenses once you submit them, and then refusing to pay those expenses once you do.
Making a woeful, low-ball settlement offer accompanied by statements such as “that’s all we can offer you” or “this offer is as good as you’re going to get.”
If you have an accident claim after being injured in a car accident caused by the actions of someone else, and you are being subjected to the harassing tactics of an overly aggressive insurance company, you should call an auto injury attorney if any of the following is taking place:

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The other driver fails to cooperate in any way – This could be a sign that you need a lawyer because it can be very difficult to get any sort of compensation if the other driver declines to give you his or her insurance or contact information, or he or she does not want to call the police in order for an accident report to be filed.
You are unable to pay for medical expenses, don’t have medical insurance, or don’t feel you can afford to visit a doctor after the accident – It is obviously imperative that you see a doctor if you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident. We know there are a lot of reasons why you feel you can’t do so. You may be concerned with medical bills piling up because you don’t have health insurance. If you do have insurance, you might be worried that any treatment you receive might not be covered by your plan. Or, you simply might not want to take time off from work to see a doctor. The auto injury attorneys with our Law Office are very familiar with the reasons people give for not getting their auto accident injuries treated. If you feel you can’t afford to see a doctor or have incurred medical expenses you cannot pay, we may be able to help you by referring you to medical professionals who will treat you a no cost. We can explain how that medical treatment and any time you may have to take off from work to get that treatment, may be reimbursed by the defendant in your litigation. To talk about these and other important components of your case, call our Law Office toll-free for a confidential and free consultation.
You are uncomfortable with the way the insurance company is dealing with your accident claim – If you have any reason at all for feeling uncomfortable regarding the manner in which an insurance provider is treating either you or your claim, always trust your feelings. Keep in mind that insurance companies have but one motivation, and that is to pay you as little compensation as they possibly can. Always remember that what is in their best interests is typically the complete opposite of yours. Calling the experienced auto injury attorneys with our Law Office will not only provide protection for you against the questionable tactics insurance companies use to try and deny you compensation, but they will also work to protect your rights and help you obtain the just restitution you deserve.

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