When a loved one has Been Wrongfully Killed in an Accident, Don’t Let Those Responsible go Unpunished

As recently as yesterday, last week, last month, or last year, if you are mourning the loss of a loved one or friend who died as a result of a car crash, you are not alone. Every year thousands of motorists and sometimes pedestrians are involved in fatal car accidents.

The deceased person could have been a son or daughter that you cherished, perhaps it was a good friend since childhood, the best buddy you could tell your troubles to, a devoted mother to her young children, a terrific dad, and breadwinner, a brother who would come anytime you called, or a sister who was always there to sympathize and soothe, the degree of pain that one feels from losing those you love and care about diminishes over time, but the feeling never really ever goes away.

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– coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral to cemetery

When the tears are not quite as frequent as they initially were and you begin to gather your thoughts and consider how senseless the accident was, you may actually have some legal recourse. You may want to consult with an attorney and consider filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit as a result of negligence. Our fatal car accident attorneys are qualified in this very specific area of law. We have over twenty years of successful courtroom experience and our reputation precedes our firm as excellent out-of-court negotiators. Our associates are trained professionals and they know how to deal with insurance companies who, by nature, don’t play fair. Insurance companies have a long history of denying claims to the surviving victims of wrongful death cases who seek financial recovery. website

Many survivors of fatality victims who were involved in auto crashes find out too late that their inexperience and lack of training in litigation is no match for the defense attorneys who are experienced and trained in litigation. Many times the inexperienced and naive TV viewer observes what goes on in a weekly one-hour segment of a Court-TV show and that viewer assumes the whole process really is not all that difficult. The TV viewer sees the prosecuting attorney advance toward the witness stand to ask the defendant or the defendant’s witnesses a few questions. The naive TV viewer then sees the defendant’s attorney approach the witness stand to ask the plaintiff’s key witness or witnesses a few questions and then the defense attorney very soon appears to take on a defeatist attitude and buckles under. Before you know it, the verdict is read, the prosecuting attorney is the winner and it’s all over but the shouting.car accident attorneys

Although the Court-TV show is merely a form of entertainment, what the viewers don’t see in real courtroom proceedings are the countless hours of investigative skills at work reviewing the accident scene, photographing the scene to uncover the facts, gathering statistics on the relevancy of fatalities near the accident scene, the many hours of deposing a claimant or other witnesses, and the many hours the attorney and/or associates spend reviewing case law relative to this particular case before the case even goes to trial. If any novice is considering a Wrongful Death Claim and thinks about by-passing a competent litigant in lieu of self-representation, think again.

Insurance companies are an aggressive group that will stop at nothing to prove the fatality was not the fault of the individual(s) they are representing. In fact, insurance companies will do all they can to direct blame toward the deceased and they have no shame in manufacturing false witnesses to the accident who will not hesitate to lie for a price. No, going against an insurance company in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit is not for the faint of heart and it is definitely not something any novice or even an inexperienced attorney who is not well-versed in this area of law should do. Call our fatal car accident attorneys who have proven courtroom success in Wrongful Death automobile accident cases. The telephone number is toll-free and so is the initial legal consultation.

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